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For Man To Become God

     A number of interesting experiments were conducted in the mid 60's, by a team of scientists led by Irwin Shapiro. Shapiro devised an experiment to prove Einstein's relativity of time slowing and the Sun's gravity would curve space thereby forcing light to travel a longer distance as it passed by the Sun. This delta change in time could be measured by Shapiro's experiment.

 His experiment was to direct a radar signal to Saturn and have the signal bounce off Saturn and then upon it's return to earth measure the time incurred. He would then repeat the experiment with the Sun essentially between the Earth and Saturn. This experiment was eventually done using a number of planets and the effect of the planets seems to be quite negligible.

     As previously determined when light passes the Sun or star it takes longer to complete the round trip. This was confirmed by Shapiro's experiment.

     Now with the results of his experiments he was now able to "reverse engineer" an equation to satisfy the results. He knew all of Einstein's 10 equations of relativity theory equations including those on mass and gravity and how it would alter time space, so he used Einstein's theories to develop his equation.

     Shapiro knew the following
1) c, Speed of light
2) G, Newton's Gravity Constant
3) M, Mass of the Sun
4) GM, Therefore he was able to calculate the Sun's gravity constant.
5) Distances from Earth to Saturn,

     His final equation, is stated as

\Delta t=-\frac{2GM}{c^3}\log(1-\mathbf{R}\cdot\mathbf{x})

and really an extension in many ways to Schwarzschild's equation determined in 1916.

     When a scientists "reverse engineers" an equation to prove a theory, it often becomes a self fulfilling result. Shapiro used Schwarschild's equations which gave more of an exact solution to Einstein's field equations, which describe the interactions of gravity as it curves space time. By using an extension of Einstein's theory your conclusions are already predetermined and become self fulfilling. Is this scientific?

     For a moment let us go back in time to 1964. Only this time it's not Shapiro that is conducting these experiments but someone named Straw Walker. There is also one other important difference...Einstein has never been born. Now would the resulting equation be the same?

     After the conclusion of these same experiments; Straw Walker is amazed that time/space is somehow altered by the Sun, but unlike Einstein, he doesn't see that the mass and gravity of the Sun is relevant. (remember Einstein's equation does't exist)

     Straw Walker believes the spinning magnetic field of the Sun is causing the time space distortion. He also believes as that light travels in the medium of time. This is opposite to Einstein's theory that light travels in the medium of the curved space as it by passes the mass of the Sun. This curved space acts as a 2 dimensional  plane, as it warps around the mass of the Sun.

     Straw Walker alternatively uses the magnetic field of the Sun to "reverse engineer" an equation to come up with the exact detected results. As in both equations the time variance is not dependent on the total distant travelled by the beam, but only as it passes near the Sun. Whether the beam is bounced off Mars or Jupiter the results will remain constant.

     Maxwell was a Tesla/Einstein type genius. His equations developed in the mid 1800's were laws that showed the interaction of electricity, magnetic fields and magnetism. They were laws because their results were tested by various experiments, though today in some instances they do not apply. His equation were left on the very doorstep of Einstein's later equations of light and time.

     Straw Walker uses Maxwell's equations to demonstrate that the Sun's magnetic field is distorting space time, and not the mass of the Sun. Instead of producing a curvature to space, the Sun magnetic field contracts space and slows time nearest the Sun. As an object enters this contracted space it accelerates to it's nearest point to the sun, (perigee) as demonstrated by a planet's orbits and then slows as it leaves this contracted space. Light reacts quite differently to the Sun's magnetic field. Instead of light's relative velocity increasing, it does the opposite and slows.

      The real question is why? Einstein won his Nobel Prize by stating that light has mass, so then why is there a discrepancy between a planet velocity increasing and light's relative velocity decreasing.

      Light doesn't travel in the medium of space, but travels in the medium of time. As time is slowed by the Sun's magnetic field the speed of light appears to us as slowing. The  velocity of light is left unchanged but it's medium is slowed therefore a delta time is observed. Like an aircraft flying in it's medium of air and facing a head wind, the aircraft's air speed indicator is unchanged, but it's ETA to it's destination as changed. This is what happens to light as it enters into altered time. Light appears to slow from the observer, as if facing a head wind of slowing time, which results in a change in it's time of arrival.

Maxwell commented in 1864: "agreement of the results seems to show that light and magnetism are affections of the same substance, and that light is an electromagnetic disturbance propagated through the field according to electromagnetic laws."

     Therefore Straw Walker deducted that the Sun's magnetic field and NOT the mass of the Sun was causing the anomalies in the time/space results as light passed near the Sun.

     The conclusions reached either by contracted space or curved space were exactly the same except the theories are different. It's like Einstein's theory is 2+2 =4, while Straw Walker's equation is 3+1 =4. Both give the same results but from different theories.

     From a practical sense there is one extremely important difference in these two theories. Einstein's equations using mass to distort time/space cannot be artificially reproduced while Straw Walkers equation to simulate slowing of time and contracting space can be man made.. By controlling time and space, man then; "Has become God."

     Maxwell Wave Equation; States any Electromagnetic Plane wave travels at the speed of light and acts as light.

 \frac{1}{c^2}\frac{\partial^2 \mathbf E}{\partial t^2} - \nabla^2 \mathbf E = 0\,, \quad
 \frac{1}{c^2}\frac{\partial^2 \mathbf B}{\partial t^2} - \nabla^2 \mathbf B = 0\,,

Straw Walker knows;
1) Maxwell's equations
2) Magnetic field  of the Sun
3) c speed of light
4) d distances between planets
5) Shapiro's results
6) B Sun's magnetic field

Thus find c; by inserting Shapiro's time difference of 200 microsecond into the equation.
c will show a small decrease in speed, indicating a slowing of time.

     In essence Man has become God

 Arabic word for doubt is;  شك

     In the 1st Century Islamic scientists believed that the 1st step to advance science was to doubt. In their time it was to doubt the ancient Greek understanding of the Cosmology of the Universe and particularly the Solar system and how the observed solar system related to mathematical data.

     It is the same today. We must always doubt if science is to advance. Does Einstein's theory of curved space to explain gravity relate to what's observed? The planets orbit in the Solar System on a flat plane and show no orbital curve. The galaxies are flat as a pancake as they orbit their central mass of the black holes and show no curvature to their orbits. If curved space exists and explains gravity then why does light "slow" as it passes through curved space and planets passing through this same curved space accelerate, as they follow Kepler's 2nd law? If space is curved would not they both react the same?

     Einstein studied Maxwell's equations and used his ideas to eventually allow him to develop his own equations.  Why did Einstein do a 180 degree turn from Maxwell's equations which were proven by experiment and use mass and Newton's gravity constant in his equation when Maxwell clearly stated that light is related to a electromagnetic phenomenon and not related to mass?

     Later in 1888 Heinrich Hertz released an important paper relating to Maxwell's earlier studies. He went on to conduct experiments to verify that electromagnetic waves exhibit lightlike behaviors of reflection, refraction, diffraction, and polarization, and later determined empirically the speed of wave travel is the same as the speed of light.  Previous to this, electromagnetic fields travelling in space were not understood, but from these findings, Einstein later developed his gravity wave theory that he postulated would travel through space. 

     Was Einstein wrong? To doubt is the 1st sign of genius.

     The Rosetta satellite upon landing on Comet 67P would give the scientific community an excellent  opportunity to test Einstein's curved space theory.

                               Image result for rosetta satellite images

     Have the Rosetta satellite's probe fix it's instruments on the North star as it orbits the Sun. If Einstein is correct and mass curves space, then as the comet orbit is close to it's perigee there should be an angle deflection, indicating the satellite and comet are travelling in a curved path.

     I predict NO such angle deflection is noted.

For further reading;  {Pulsars; The Universe's Most Powerful Object Blog}

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Why is it Difficult to Advance Knowlege

                                                     Advancing knowledge

     Human beliefs once indoctrinated in our youth are stronger than steel. They do not bend or break. Take religious beliefs. Religious beliefs taught to a youth, are with us the rest of our lives and influence the choices we make. Just look at the Christian community of the United States and how these beliefs transcend to daily living and more importantly foreign policy.

      The Middle East and their religious beliefs and how this interacts with their daily lives and international policies. Beliefs once learned and adopted are impossible to bend.

     Not just religious beliefs, but academic knowledge of well known theories, when taught at a young impressionable age becomes doctrine. Young teenage students leaving home and entering University are extremely impressionable and are the first to accept, new and exciting beliefs.

     In the settings and surrounding of this new University life they are quick to believe, such theories as Einsteins equation of General Relativity, which includes Gravity Waves and Orbital decay as part of the equation, which neither have been detected in the Solar System. Einstein's curved space theory becomes easily accepted, but cannot be demonstrated in nature, as the planets in the Solar system orbit the Sun on a flat plane and show no sign of curved space. The theories of Big Bang and Dark Matter are quickly taught as facts and not as they should be as just another theory.

                                              {Einstein Backwards Blog}

    There is nothing wrong with having theories, after all; how does scientific knowledge advance without someone taking academic chances. Theories are necessary in the thinking process.

    The problem arise when theories are taught as fact.This then has the opposite effect and actually limits the advancement of knowledge.

   This can only be more highlighted by the findings by the University of Northern Carolina.

                     More Dinosaur Soft Tissue Finds in 2017

*  More Soft Dinosaur Tissue, Now from an "80 Million" Year Old Hadrosaur: Consistent with the expectations of biblical creationists, according to Nat'l Geographic, there's yet another discovery of soft tissue in a dinosaur, this time, a hadrosaur, with soft blood vessels, connective tissue, and blood cell protein amino acid chains partially sequenced at Harvard University. This allegedly 80-million year-old non-fossilized duck-billed dinosaur tissue was discovered by a team led by researchers at North Carolina State University. Harvard, et al., wanted to get some soft dinosaur tissue so they put together a team and just went out and found some. Consider all the potential soft tissue, and perhaps even DNA, lost to humanity because of secular universities ignoring previous claims by young-earth creationists due to the false evolutionary timescale which so biased paleontologists that they would never even look for non-decomposed original biological tissue inside of dinosaur bones.

     Nobody is denying that Dinosaurs existed and that they are now extinct. The question is when did they go extinct.
The fact that soft tissue has been found really puts in question whether Dinosaurs went extinct 65 to 70 million years ago. 

     The possibility of soft tissue still existing after nearly 100 million years is  NOT believable. Many more examples of soft tissue from dinosaurs have recently been discovered.    

     There is more evidence that Dinosaurs did not go extinct 70 million years ago.


     There is numerous cave drawing of Dinosaurs and these drawing are NOT 75 million years old. In fact they are not 100 thousand years old, but more like less than 10 thousand years  old..



    Numerous figurines through out the world show distinctly that dinosaurs existed on earth and were drawn and formed into figurines by ancient man that were on earth 10 thousand years ago.

    If numerous facts, point to Dinosaurs living on earth 10 thousand years ago and were not extinct 70 million years ago as understood and believed, then why does not the scientific community not accept these finding and change their beliefs?

     They cannot.

     Once beliefs are learned they become steel; they do not bend or break. Anthropologist have spent their entire careers preaching their doctrine. They are not to be doubted, so instead of having interest in finding the "truth of Human History" they will take whatever measures necessary to disavow and discredit all those that may suggest that the finding in Northern Carolina are true..

     That is the measure of advancing becomes extremely difficult simply by the nature of man.
Their beliefs become their doctrine and their doctrine becomes dogma.

Advancements or Improvements

     The great advancements in human history occurred shortly after the turn of the 1900 hundreds, with some of the worlds greatest inventions and discoveries occurring during the Second World War. Mankind literally went from horse and buggy to rockets and jets in a matter of 50 years. This  period was truly was the age of of enlightenment.
     The gasoline and diesel engines were developed during this time and still in use today. The consumer use of electricity was introduced with the exclusive help of Tesla and powers our world today. The telephone, radio, radar and sonar were all founded early for today's world of consumer and military products. Two Germans and a Swede discovered nuclear fission  in 1938 and soon after an atomic bomb was used in war, and saw the beginning study of nuclear physics.BMW and Messerschmidt developed the first production jet aircraft with the use of swept wing technology during WW2. A great German scientist developed the first mass produced rocket that later in America would put a man on the moon. Messerschmidt developed a rocket powered jet, the Comet, that nearly broke the sound bearer during the war, and could have if the German's had the time to develop it  further. Even technologies that are considered new as in superconductivity were discovered early in the 1900's. The development of plastics and the field of organic chemistry along with their numerous organic reactions were discovered years ago.
     No other period in history can match this short 50 year period. Science was born in this short time frame.
     What does all this say in relation to modern post WW2 discoveries? 
     There has been some notable consumer product improvements, computers using circuit boards instead of tubes, phones are now carried as hand held devices instead of a phone on a desk at home, dishwasher and clothes washers have automatic cycles, and there are numerous more antibiotics now than in WW2, but all these are just improvements not great discoveries.

     If all the discoveries in man's history were given a predetermine value of importance, starting in the horse and buggy era of 1900 to our modern world today it would only be a value of ONE.

     If mankind is to discover and colonize the Universe a discovery value of 1000 will be required.
Man's knowledge cannot be stuck in a dogma of religious views and  academic egos.
Knowledge has often stalled in the past as it has now. A sailor on one of  Columbus's ships discovering the new world would have been well at home on a naval ship in America's war against King George in their war of independence.

      A theoretical physics professor was once asked. "What's new in physics", his reply. "Since Einstein nothing really".

     The Universe cannot be discovered and visited with existing technology. A new age of discovery is needed.

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The Anunnaki The Great Gods of the Sumerians

                                      The Anunnaki

     The Sumerian text speak of their Great gods called the Anunnaki, which can have several meaning, but the Anu were the heavenly ones and Ki translates as earth, so the word Anunnaki could literally translate, "Those from heaven that were sent to earth"

    Compared to the Sumerians the Anunnaki were very well dressed and groomed. Their breads were long and braided and their dress was formal and heavily embroidered.

                                        Anunnaki Watch Water Offering Water Sumerian Gods                   

     In the image above an Anunnaki is seen wearing  his formal dress and having well groomed long hair and a braided beard. This was not only how they dressed, but it was signifying their position and who they were.
The early Kings of Mankind's history copied this dress, and braided beards, to indicate their status as royal. The female Pharaoh's of Egypt would even wore false braided beards to indicate kingship.

     The image above is the King of Assyria and the King of Babylon seen while they are shaking hands.What is of note is their dress and braided breads. Their attire is solely for their royal status, copied from the Anunnaki whom they saw as the pinnacles of status.

     The Sumerian text records the Anunnaki as coming from heaven to Earth, but they were definitely human. They were not spirit forms. They had the ability of long everlasting life, but they were not immortal and could die, either by accident or by combat. They seemed to enjoy the contact with mankind and enjoyed the pleasures of the women of Sumeria.

     The relationship with the Sumerians took a symbiotic relationship, with the Sumerians acquiring scientific, agriculture, husbandry and mathematical  knowledge from the Anummaki, while the Anunnaki received labour to irrigate and grow crops, produce beer and most importantly mine significant amounts of ore.

     The Anunnaki were administrated by a council, and the council had leaders. Enki was one such great leader and his name means, En translates as lord and Ki translates as Earth. so therefore Enki was the "Lord of the Earth". All important issues were discussed at these council meetings and agreed upon. Any criminal or civil action could also fall under the authority of the council. As a case in point of a rape charge against a high ranking Anunnaki. The girl was brought before the council and questioned, then cross examined. Similar to a modern court drama. The result was the Plaintiff was found guilty.

     The first thing the Anunnaki did upon arriving on Earth was to construct a city. Enki builds what is considered the first city built on Earth named Eridu, at the southern end of the Mesopotamia valley, and in this city a temple is built. The text reads;

"Next to Anu he seated EnlilNintu he seated at the big side, The Anunnaki seated themselves one after the other. Enlil says to the Anunnaki: " Ye great gods who are standing about, My brother has built a house, the king Enki; Eridu, like a mountain, he has raised up from the earth, In a good place he has built it. Eridu, the clean place, where none may enter, The house built of silver, adorned with lapis laz uli,"


The mound of the ancient city of Eridu, located in southern Iraq. There is also topographical evidence that the city once had lakes surrounding it. 

     One of the pleasures Enki has while living in his city, was to go for a boat ride on the lakes near Eridu,, really not much different than people today enjoying the water. Below is an ancient illustration of Enki in his boat;


      Next was the construction of the temple, which was elaborate and extensive. The question is; what was it's purpose?Modern archaeologists believe that being a temple, they must have served as a religious importance, but is this true? Others suggest ancient temples were aligned with the stars or constellations. And still others believe that they were aligned with the spring equinox or the summer solstice.

      What was special about these temples that were constructed in ancient Sumerian cities, was they were not constructed for the Sumerians. Either for their use as in worship or as a centre for their culture. The temples were built for the absolute sole use of the Anunnaki. This point is very clear.

     The temples were called Ziggurats, The Ziggurats were constructed of 7 levels rising above the city with their corners, not their sides pointing to the four compass direction points. There was no astrological connection to their positioning, or an alignment to the spring equinox or summer solstice. The Anunnaki were highly intelligent and didn't require a building site to determine the approaching of spring or when summer was near. So the question still remains what were these temples built for? Below the Ziggurat at the ancient site of Ur, which had been rebuilt many times over the Centuries.


     Just as Ancient Mankind copied the dress and appearance of the Anunnaki they also copied their temples. The Egyptians long before they built pyramids they built exact replicas of Sumerian Ziggurats. They were called Mastabas and like the Ziggurats they were built from clay bricks.


     The Mastabas (above) had the same tier leveling architecture, in following with the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia. The Egyptians understood the style of construction but as with the Sumerians they never understood their purpose.The Egyptians determined them to be burial sites for their Kings. The Anunnaki though had no concern for a burial site since they had the opportunity for everlasting life.The ancient cuneiform text reads;
            What you seek you shall never find.
          For when the Gods made man 
          they kept immortality for themselves.

     The unified ruler of ancient Egyptian under King Djoser in the aerial photo above, shows his pyramid with it's 7 steps at Saqqara. Pyramid temples were built near the centre of a complex indicating their importance.

     These temples were extremely important to the Anunnaki as many of their reliefs show them atop their Ziggurats. At the top to the Ziggurats was the temple centre piece, and this substantiated the existence of the Temple itself. This singular important location was what the Anunnaki called the ABZU. The meaning of Abzu is distant or deep water. Ab translates as water and Zu as distant/ deep.

      The Abzu is something more than just distant water, as this text suggest; "Abzu the pure place where the fates are determined".
      The Abzu was central to their very lives for without it, the Anunnaki would loose their longevity to their exsistence.
                                              {The Sumerian Abzu Blog}

     In the Sumerian tale of the Turtle and Ninurta, Enki sets an ambush at the gate of the Abzu, and traps Ninurta.
Against Ninurta, Enki fashioned a turtle from the clay of the abzu. Against him he stationed the turtle at an opening, at the gate of the abzu.

This gate is at the top of the temple Ziggurat.


     The above image shows an Anunnaki that has climbed atop the Ziggurat, (illustrated by the cone shaped objects, as if indicating the 7 tiers of the Ziggurat itself), and making entreaty to Enki seen siting at the gate of the Abzu, surrounded by water. (also illustrated as the door atop the coned Ziggurat just above the Anunnaki)

      These pyramid shaped temples were built wherever the Anunnaki resided on earth. In Egypt and in South and Central America some these magnificent structures still remain. Centuries later long after the disappearance of the Anunnaki, mankind chose to use them for their own purposes. These temples then became central to the religious beliefs of man. These temples then changed from their original purpose to become part of an after life and a venerated burial site for mankind.  To this day archaeologists believe that the Great Pyramid was built by the Old Kingdom of Egypt. A civilization that up to that point in history showed little ability to build such an empowering structure.

    In 1822, the Italian Egyptologist Bernardino Drovetti discovered a mysterious papyrus document near the Thebe’s necropolis. It dates back to the Dynasty, during Ramesses II reign.
This document was called the Turin Royal Canon  and speaks about  Zep tepi or the First time of Osiris.

    The main characteristic of this document is a long list of Kings of Egypt that ruled Egypt pre diluvian, before the thirty dynasties that scholars today officially approve. This gives rise to a much longer period of a sophisticated society living in Egypt, when the Great Pyramid was originally built. The sequence of the King's listed, originated some 33,000 years before the dynasty age.

What gives credence to this document is that the Sumerian King List also lists ruling Kings in the Valley of Sumer, that ruled in this pre flood era. Two unrelated documents  that both record the same history, make the history authentic. Scholars still do not accept this as history, but see this period as simple myths.

John Anthony West proposed his reasoning, absolutely worthy, when he wrote:

As if today's Egyptologists know more about ancient Egyptian history than the ancient Egyptians themselves. That is the standard height of academic arrogance

(West’s research was dating the Sphinx extensive water erosion that can be seen from atop the Sphinx)

Who did build the Great pyramid? Most scholars believe that Khufu was responsible for the earth’s greatest construction feat, pointing to his cartouche in the Campbell's chamber as giving evidence.

Fig. 1 above is the existing cartouche in the Great Pyramid

Fig. 2. Below is the cartouche recorded in Vyse’s journal.

    In May 27th 1837 Col. Vyse recorded in his  journal a cartouche he discovered  in the Great Pyramid. What is bizarre about his cartouche is that it does not spell Khufu’s name correctly, Vyse’s cartouche has since been modified in a restoration to correctly spell Khufu’s name as indicated in Fig. 1 to support the belief of the builder of the Great Pyramid. This oddity is not the most unusual detail about a King recording his name on such a  magnificent structure.

The Great Pyramid has no painting, no art work, no painted drawings, no inscribed depictions and no stone cutting depicting a language or figure.

    If you were a great King of Egypt; would you send someone to misspell your name in paint which fades through time, in one of the most difficult and obscure locations in the pyramid, when the whole of the pyramid is entirely bare?

    Who painted this mispelled  cartouche?  None other than Vyse himself. He painted the cartouche of Khufu to gain for himself fame,fortune and note aridity, thus being the first to identify the builder of the Great Pyramid. If he drew the cartouche in a well known visible location in the pyramid it would have been quickly seen as a fake, but hiding the cartouche in a very difficult location would allow his fiendish plan to be accepted.

    Since then, scholars have been misled to believe that Khufu was the builder of one of the seven wonders of the world.  The normal evidence of the steps required to achieve such an imaginative process are lacking, and neither the physical construction nor the social philosophy behind it have no historical precedent in Egypt.

    Mankind may have started over several times throughout the millenniums of time that man has existed on earth. The great period of time before the diluvian epoch, gave rise to some advanced learning, which enabled the Egyptians to build great structures.The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were both built during this time when the Gods ruled Egypt and walked among mankind.

       Many of the reliefs of the Great Gods show them having a 1/2 man half fish like appearance. In the relief below is a very common depictions showing the Anunnaki on either side of the tree of life and looking up and pointing to a chariot of the Gods. Their appearance is fish like.

                                                          Image result for Dagan 1/2 fish 1/2 man

      In one of the earliest known artifacts of a sculptured Anunnaki, dating around 5000 BC , the Anunnaki is wearing the horned headdress and long bread, indicating his status, but also what appears is that his skin, has a fish scale like appearance.

      Were the Anunnaki able to extend their lives as the relief seems to indicate with the help of their chariot of the Gods?

             {The Babylonian History of Mankind Included a Great Creature Named Oannes  blog}

Not just extend their lives, but change their form.

      By about 2000 BC the Anunnaki start to disappear throughout the earth. For what reason no one is sure. One suggestion is that they are losing their influence and power over mankind as man's earthly knowledge was superseding their need for the Anunnaki. They were no longer seen as Great Gods. One thing is sure is that one Anunnaki stayed on earth to influence man. That God was Dagan, the God of the Semitic people.

                                  { Dagan the First God of the Semitic People blog}

      Dagan was marooned on the earth, by Enki's  order. After the destruction of the Akkadian nation and it's great city Agade and just prior to the fall of Agade it's capital,  Enki orders all of it's treasury, of this great city, to be brought to his Abzu. Enki doesn't stop there but atop the Ziggurat at Agade the poles of the Abzu are to removed by his order, indicating that the function of the Abzu for Dagan is finished.

The text reads; “Ninurto brought the jewels of ruler ship, the royal crown, the emblem and the royal throne bestowed on Agade.”
                         "Enki tore out its well-anchored holy mooring pole from the abzu. Inana took away its weapons."
       Dagan at this point is alone, and without connection to the Abzu controlled by Enki, he is now isolated and marooned on earth. The text indicates that all the Anunnaki had turned against Dagan to destroy his Semitic seed, the Akkadians.

       Dagan then becomes the driven god of the Semitic people. To make them rulers of the Earth. His ego and lust for power seeks no end.

      The  Bible texts indicate what he has become; The God of the Semitic Akkadians had become a God of never ending “bragging”.  Isaiah 45; versus 11-21 is just one of the many examples, Job chapter 38 another. “I made the earth and I created man- I created the heavens”. There is pages upon pages of this never ending self posturing, incessant bragging. My point from all of this is; if there is a 'One God the creator”, that sees fit to come down from his heavenly place, and speak to a lowly human on earth, which can be no more than a fly speck in relation to the Universe, then why does he have to spend an inordinate amount of time bragging to this fly speck? Does he have some personal insecurity issues, or is this an attempt by Dagan/ Yehwah to support his need and human reliance and therefore vindicate his own agenda. I just cannot imagine an omnipotent God the Creator, to feel the satisfaction of man's approval, and the need to be worshiped. It sounds preposterous.

      Is there some indication that Dagan is still alive, influencing the world, or without the Abzu has he died as with all mankind?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Numerous Financial Executives Found Dead

Are these Financial and Corporate Executive Deaths in anyway Connected.

Of first noted, is that all these deaths have been reported as suicides, which in itself is somewhat telling, and mystifying.
Secondly not one of these suicides involved the use of a gun. Take note that professional killers, rarely use guns, as today's police budgets have large amounts of funds designated on tracing bullets and guns to their owners.
Thirdly a large number of the deaths were from one brokerage firm, J.P. Morgan, and one large international insurer Swiss Re Ag. the world's second largest re-insurer.
The fourth point is that many of the deaths occurred on consecutive days. This again is very suspicious.
   Aug. 26, 2013; Pierre Wauthier found dead. An employee of Zurich Insurance Group.
   Jan. 11, David Bird goes missing. A 20 year veteran of following the commodity markets as a news reporter. Soon after he is declared missing all of his previously written articles have disappeared from the Wall Street Journal.
   Jan.26, Tim Dickerson found dead. An employee of Swiss RE Ag
Sunday, Jan. 26: William Broeksmit, a 58-year-old former senior executive at Deutsche Bank AG, was found dead in his London home after an apparent suicide by hanging.
Monday, Jan. 27: Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym died after falling from a hotel room in Bangkok where he was staying with his wife.
Tuesday, Jan. 28: 39-year-old vice president in JPMorgan's investment bank’s technology department, Gabriel Magee, died after falling from the roof of the company's European HQ in London. Police initially reported that “thousands of horrified commuters” witnessed the death. Unable to produce a single one, police are now investigating. Wall Street on Parade (Feb. 23) reported, “Friends report that Magee was a happy, healthy, vibrant young man who emailed his girlfriend on the evening of January 27 to say he...would be home shortly.”
Wednesday, January 29: 50-year-old Russell Investments’ Chief Economist Mike Dueker died from apparently jumping over a 4-foot fence and from a ramp near a Tacoma, Washington bridge. His body was not discovered for days.
The week before, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died. The cause of death has not been made public. (The reference is to Tim Dickensonthe circumstances of his death are still undisclosed.)
Monday, February 3: 37-year-old JP Morgan executive in Equities Trading, Ryan Crane, died suddenly in his Stamford, Connecticut, home. The state’s chief medical examiner is determining the cause. When Wall Street On Parade called the Stamford Police to ask for the police incident report to which the press is legally entitled under Connecticut law, it was told “if we were able to obtain the incident report, most information would likely be redacted.”
Tuesday, February 18: 33-year old JP Morgan forex trader Li Junjie is the latest in a string of suicides to take his life in Hong Kong. No suicide note was found. Two days before his suicide, Junjie spoke of plans to return to Toronto, where he had worked at the Royal Bank of Canada.
Other names could be added to the Financial Post list:
December 15, 2013: 34-year-old JP Morgan employee in Client Technology Service Jason Alan Salais died in Texas of an apparent heart attack. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of heart attacks among men aged 20 to 39 is one half of one percent of the population.
February 4, 2014: 57-year-old founder and CEO of American Title Service Richard Talley died after apparently shooting himself with a nail gun. The Denver Post (Feb. 10) stated that he had shot himself seven or eight times in the head and chest. Talley and his company were being investigated by state insurance regulators at the time.

Death scene below in Hong Kong. A JP Morgan trader, apparently jumps to his death.

     A puzzling point to all these deaths is that why would someone of a high degree of education and sophistication, commit suicide by jumping off a bridge or out of a office building? In one case the executive transferred $800 million dollars to family members weeks before his death. Why would these people be afraid of the court system, if they were fearing some legal action, when they had the funds to hire the best of lawyers with just a phone call away?

     In one case the victim shot himself numerous times with a automatic nail gun. Does this sound like suicide or a form of torture?

     What information or knowledge did these victims have that was so dangerous and valuable. Is there more deaths that have yet to be uncovered? An example is the Boeing 777 airline that just went down. A number of fraudulent passports were later discovered as passengers on that flight. Were these J.P. Morgan forex traders trying desperately to cover their tracks that needed to be eliminated?

What connection is there between J.P.Morgan and Swiss Re Ag.

    J.P. Morgan's European headquarters at Canary Wharf London.

      The first death was Pierre Wauthier, an employee of Zurich Insurance. A suicide note was found, but it was typed. 
A typed suicide note is extremely rare. Suicide is a very emotional point in one's life, and to turn on the computer, then type a note, then plug in the printer, then hit print on the computer doesn't very often happen.

      Prior to being employed at Zurich, Wauthier worked for J.P. Morgan for 11 years, as V.P. of Insurance Product Group. J. P. Morgan is the market maker in the Zurich Group, giving different weight analysis to different stocks and their performances.  A very important position of authority. J.P. Morgan is also the investment bank for Zurich, and also is the asset manager for a number of funds offered by Zurich Insurance Group.
     After the death of Wauthier, Zurich Group announced the appointment of G. Quinn to replace Wauthier. G. Quinn was formerly from the Swiss Re Ag Insurer.
     Swiss Re Ag has had a long history with J. P. Morgan. In Jan 2010, Swiss Re obtained a $1 billion Letter of Credit from J.P. Morgan, and also served as Swiss Re's investment bank on many deals. In return Swiss Re and Zurich Group provided J.P. Morgan with liability insurance, which they seemed to need on a regular bases.
     For several years US regulators have been trying to make sense on how J.P. Morgan Luxembourg S.A. was doing in it's "Whale Trades", that has lost $6.2 billion using depository money at FDIC insured banks.
     According to an online analysis at Zurich Insurance Group’s web site, one JP Morgan's managed funds, the Global Natural Resources Fund, has lost 42.54 percent as of June 30, 2013, reflecting its performance since inception on April 2, 2012.
     These 3 firms have been in several significant financial arrangement, some of which have brought fraud charges that resulted in out of court settlements.

What information would be so valuable that results in murder?

    This information is the end game, survival of the world's elite wealthy class, that feel they have a sense of entitlement. This is the 1%  of the world's population that controls 90% of the world's wealth and have no intention of falling into the madding crowd.

      World currencies are about to be reset, to better reflect a countries wealth and debt ratio. This has extreme ramifications for the US dollar. As years of excess by America's once envied and coveted middle class, has resulted in their eventual commonality. This commonality will now be found in the form of a new universal working class. The US dollar is about to be devalued by 50%, while rising economies with positive current accounts will have their currencies move higher. This is Obama's grand plan of a common level playing field that the world is now demanding.

      America's new working class will find the drudgery of daily living, as merely endless moments of cogs turning in a machine of wheels.  Dreams of an idyllic future, and an endless supply of cheap consumer goods paid for by easy credit will now be covered by the devil's cloak. America's drug culture will be embraced by the legalizing of drugs to soften the impact of reality as America's new working class grapples with the prospects. 

              How will the elite survive with their wealth?
    With the resetting of the US dollar, wealth has to be preserved in as asset that is not fixed to the dollar. The answer for this is purchasing real assets not based in America, and these assets are base metals. Base metals, Copper, Nickel, Zinc and Aluminium, are the building blocks of industry, and can be purchased as real assets, not as a future contract, or an derivative or an option, but as a real asset. If market conditions become extreme these type of paper contracts may not be worth the paper they're written on.
    The London Metal Exchange, (LME) has been central to the base metal industry. LME gives out interest free loans to their select customers and arranges storage for their metals. How LME makes most of their money, other than transaction fees, is on extremely high storage fees? LME then has statistical data, on the amounts of base metals in storage, and pricing of these metals. To have this continual knowledge of a metals complete supply, and price is a great advantage in positioning your market plays.

     These high storage fees eliminate contagio. A market condition when the future price is always higher than the existing price. A conditions that almost guarantees a continued line of profits. This is a manipulated market condition that existed a few years ago with oil pricing, when oil went over $150/barrel. Goldman Sachs was one of the major contributors to this market condition.

   The London Metal Exchange

  A number of international investment banks and large trading firms, have come up with a brand new plan.

Glencore a major Swiss trading firm, using it's metal warehouse company, Pacorini. Pacorini now is in control of 60% of the world's Zinc supply, and is warehousing it in difficult and rather unattainable locations.Their warehousing costs are far less than LME which creates an example for a market condition known as Contagio to occur.
Goldman Sachs, a NY Investment Bank, using it's metal warehouse company, Metro. GS and J.P. Morgan have entered into a warehousing agreement for base metals.  
J. P. Morgan a NY Investment Bank, using it's metal warehouse company, Henry Bath
Both of these US Banks are now under overview by US regulators in what is seen a market manipulation, and both may be forced to sell their US interests in metal warehousing, but at the same time expand outside of the US. This in effect pushes the markets outside of the US dollar, as a major number of trades are now in Swiss Francs.
Julius Baer, a Swiss Investment Bank, and Credit Suisse have recently teamed up to warehouse copper and Zinc, using their own warehouses rents at much reduced costs than LME. 

Metal warehouse.

    The elite 1% will survive, while the world's currencies and markets are in turmoil, and come out the other side even more rich than before.

     A new world awakens, a world I hope that I may not have to endure. A world of 2 classes of people. Those that hold the dreams and those that only can wish for them.

The Gold Connection

This article outlines why the US dollar has to be revalued lower, and a possible reason for the aforementioned deaths.

Why Germany Wants its Gold Back

After spending more than 50 years in foreign hands, Germany's gold is finally going home.
In a recent watershed decision the Bundesbank, Germany's central bank, has decided at least half of its gold should be held in its own vaults.
Since the Bundesbank is the second-largest gold holder in the world, that's going to mean moving 54,000 bars of the shiny metal.
So why does Germany want its gold back, and why now?
Part of it has to do with pressure from a grassroots group led by a group of economists, business executives, and lawyers, along with the German Precious Metals Association, who have put together a "Repatriate our Gold!" campaign.
But that's only part of the story...

Official pressure began last October when the German Federal Court of Auditors requested an inspection of the gold Germany stores in foreign central banks.
That sparked something of a political controversy since these gold reserves have never been thoroughly inspected and audited.
What's more, the U.S. Federal Reserve had already refused to allow the Germans to verify their gold despite several attempts.
According to Der Spiegel:
"Finally, in 2007, "following numerous enquiries," Bundesbank staff members were allowed to see the facility, but they reportedly only made it to the anteroom of the German reserves.
In fact, auditors from the Bundesbank made a second visit in May 2011. This time one of the nine compartments was also opened, in which the German gold bars are densely stacked. A few were pulled out and weighed. But this part of the report has been blacked out - out of consideration for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
So why would the Federal Reserve deny the Bundesbank a full inspection and audit?
That question has been rich feed for the rumor mills ever since the news broke.
So let's have a closer look at the surrounding facts...

The Significance of the German Gold Repatriation

According to the plan, Germany's gold repatriation will take seven years to complete and by 2020, Germany will store 50% of its gold in Frankfurt. Several analysts consider that, since the gold will only be moving from one vault to another, this transfer will have no measurable market effect.
But I think it's a mistake to make that assumption. Instead, this news could have a significant psychological impact.
Here's why...
Others will follow Germany's lead. The Dutch are already making similar noises, asking for an audit and full transparency. The Netherlands also only has 10% of their gold reserves at home, with the rest in New York, Ottawa, and London. Now it's only a matter of time before others start to ask the same kinds of questions. In a recent tweet, Bill Gross said what many are probably already thinking: central banks just don't trust each other anymore.
Growing concerns about the euro. There are suggestions Germany wants its gold because it's worried its loans to less fiscally responsible sovereigns won't be repaid. But I believe Germany is preparing in case the Euro were to eventually dissolve, so it wants its gold to potentially back a new Deutsche Mark. Perhaps they, too, recognize gold's return to its role as money.
A list of unanswered questions. The first is obvious: Is the gold really there? If so, why would it take seven years for Germany to get its gold back? Would you take the risk of collecting it slowly, or would you want it much faster? Some say the gold's there, yet others disagree. Steve Scacalossi, vice president and director, global precious metals at TD Securities, says Germany's gold is allocated, and therefore can't be lent out, so it will not affect gold lease rates.
Meanwhile, Keith Barron, a geologist and consultant responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in 25 years, recently told King World News:
"I believe that most of the Western world's gold, which is supposed to be in central bank vaults, has been leased out. Much of it is now in private hands in India, and what remains continues going East to China and other Asian vaults. So most of the Western gold has vanished from the vaults and it's now just a book entry. These various Western countries and bullion banks simply roll these leases over when they come due, and the gold never gets returned back to the countries. So it's very interesting to see what's going on. Obviously the trust is breaking down in the system."
While some could easily dismiss Germany's behavior as that of a distrustful state, there's precedent for Barron's claims.

The Story Behind Portugal's Lost Gold

In 1990 Drexel Burnham Lambert, one of America's largest investment banks, filed for bankruptcy. Drexel's failure is famously blamed on junk bond trader Michael Milken.
But few know that the central bank of Portugal had loaned 17 tons of gold to Drexel. When the firm failed, Portugal's claim on its gold simply evaporated.
That was more than two decades ago at a time when almost no one was interested in gold, which then traded at $380.
Today, gold sells for $1,660 per ounce, and now a lot more people are paying attention.
The fact is, if Germany's gold is really sitting in the vaults of the New York Fed and the Banque de France, it shouldn't take until 2020 for it to make its way back home.
Seven months -- maybe. Seven years means something else is up, and that raises suspicion.
Such a delay makes you wonder if these central banks aren't being forced to "buy back" the gold they may have leased out.
Anthem Blanchard, CEO of Nevada-based Blanchard Vault, a precious metals storage company, appears to agree with PIMCO's Bill Gross.
Mr. Blanchard recently told Canada's Globe and Mail, "most importantly, the action of repatriation signifies the acknowledgement of credit risk and the Bund's [Bundesbank's] concern of any possibility that gold held at the Fed may be over-pledged in some manner."
Meanwhile, the physical gold market is one that many already consider to be rather tight.
If Germany calling in its gold unleashes a run by other nations on central-bank-stored gold, the physical market could react with a massive squeeze.
That's in addition to the fact central banks are stepping up their gold acquisitions. As a group, they bought more gold in 2012 than at any time in almost 50 years.
Now it's entirely possible that fear's been struck in the hearts of central bankers around the world.
That means the price of gold could skyrocket, putting downward pressure on the US dollar.

Before this to happen it is very possible the US will put downward pressure on all commodities, which will result in Gold dropping, therefore allowing the US to buy back gold at a much more affordable price. A price it initially sold this foreign Gold for.
For investors, the lesson is simple: Learn from Portugal's failure.
Be like Germany, and get yourself some physical gold.