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            (i)The Sumerian goddess Nin-ti translates, lady of the rib, and also lady to make live.
            (ii) Most Sumerian text used is translated by Kramer and Jacobson
(iii) Ancient people associated names with their gods,so if they changed gods they responded by changing the spelling of people and cities to reflect that.

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The Time Line of History for the Gods to Return

                                  The Time Line of History

Date Line: Prior to 12,000 BC:  The Sumerians observe the red giant Vela (in that constellation) and describe it's colour and position in the southern sky.  “red star which stands in the south after the Gods of the night have been finished, dividing the sky in half, this star is Nibiru “. Nibiru means the place of crossing, meaning the crossroads of the southern sky.
                                                                The star is later described as the star of civilization.

                            11,000 BC: Vela goes supernova, ejecting planets and asteroid material outward across space.

                             10,000 BC: One such planet enters our solar system. This planet is a living planet with human, various plant and animal life. The humans that exist on this planet are highly advanced scientifically, and are fully aware of their predicament. The planet may have entered into an elliptical orbit around our sun which ultimately puts it on a collision course with one of the solar systems planets. That planet being the planet that is now the asteroid belt. A small number of these humans  are able to leave their planet and land on earth. A number of written records suggest between 300 to 400 of these humans landed on earth.  Upon meeting with earthly humans a relationship quickly develops. A symbiotic relationship is soon formed between the new arrivals. The earthly humans call them "great gods" since they possessed  knowledge in the fields of agriculture , husbandry and construction.

                             9,000 BC: The great flood occurs. The planet of the 300 (the 300 often called the watchers) crashes into the sister planet of Mars and through a series of events causes the great flood.
These "great gods" are well aware of the sequence of events that will bring ruin to the earth. They now hold council and many of the 300 decide that it would be best if all humans on earth were destroyed, leaving the planet to themselves, but one of the leading members of the council secretly disagrees. From this rises mankind's greatest epic. The story of Noah.

                                               The 300 also brought with them advancements in the study of genetics.
A number of the 300 had genetic modifications done to them to enhance their strength and speed ability, possibly for military use. These genetic alteration also gave them better night vision, and increased their  hearing and smell to assist them in a military advantage. These GMO's soon started having relationships with earthly women, and under a certain set of circumstances produced hybrid giants.  A number of them because of their close genetic affiliation to certain animals had sex with these various animals that produced monsters of enormous strength and destructive power. Most of these hybrids were sweep away with the great flood.   

                      8000-7000 BC: With mankind using the knowledge from the 300 great advancements in agriculture occurred, including the selection of cereal seed having higher yields with the same maturing dates. Irrigation along the Euphrates of these crops allowed the freeing up of labour to rebuild the 5 great preflood cities including Eridu. Earthly humans were able to learn how to mine ore and smelter gold, copper and bismuth with the use of bitumen from their territory. The use of copper assisted them in building a large number of cities along the Euphrates and in the centre of these cities was built a Ziggurat. The 7 leveled Ziggurat had a specific use and this use was only for the 300. Atop the Ziggurat was the temple called the Abzu. The Abzu was central to the 300, for from the Abzu the 300 were able to extend their lives. They were not immortal though, as they could die either in battle or by accident, but with the help of the enhanced water in the Abzu they could live forever. The Abzu was not spiritual but was purely scientific. The 300 were not spiritual beings, but merely men with advanced scientific knowledge that the Sumerians saw as being a "god".

                               6000-5000 BC: The Sumerians develop an advanced civilization. The most important development was their written language , the cuneiform text. The cuneiform text was used throughout the middle and near east for several thousand years. Even the Egyptians used cuneiform text when writing to their subjected kingdoms in the region.

                                        4000 BC: In this period an event took place that would have a long lasting effect on the earth's history. One of the lesser known and diminutive of the 300 named Dagan who had the important position in the construction of the "chariots of the gods", which many in the council owned, had a severe break in his relationship with the rest of the 300. The head of the 300's council named Enlil had a affair with Dagan's wife, and after knowing, Dagan took serious steps, to destroy the Sumerians which were in a cooperative and close relationship with  the 300. Dagan's seed were the Semitic Akkadians which were dwelling just north of the Sumerians and their capital was Akkad.
Dagan had a relationship with an Akkadian girl that produced Sargon, who became king, and would through a series of events destroy the Sumerians  and leave their cities in ruin. The event in this saga that would change the world's history was when Sargon's son, Naram-Sin, would destroy the temple the Sumerians had built in honour of Enlil, in the city of Nippur. Enlil immediately reacts and sends a hoard of uncontrolled  Gutian armies that destroyed and annihilated the Akkadians. The Akkadian capitol to this day has never been found. Dagan's Ziggurat and Abzu were destroyed and he was essentially ostracized.

                                               Dagan then sets out to rebuild a nation and a leader like Sargon to again dominate the world. That nation was Israel and that leader was Moses.
      Both of these leaders had many things in common. 1st they were both the direct seed of Dagan. 2nd They were both led by Dagan to bring his people to a position of world power. 3rd Moses life from birth was an exact copy of Sargon's. Moses a well read student of ancient texts, merely plagiarized Sargon's life from birth. Both at birth were put in a basket covered with bitumen and left in a river next to the palace of the king. Most importantly both would become powerful leaders of Dagan's ambitions.
                                        3760 BC: This is the 1st year of the Jewish Semitic calendar.
                                                         This is year also coincides with the Semitic King Daram-Sin declaring himself God and master of the Universe. He commemorates this in the building of his memorial temple at Sippur. The Akkadian calendar, which is the Jewish calendar, starts dating time on this occasion.
                                    3000 BC: Egypt becomes the first World Power. With the fall of the Akkadians there is a vacuum in world authority.   

                                     1800 BC: There is a numerous military battles between Assyrian and Babylonian armies trying to gain the upper hand. For a period of time Babylonian under Hammurabi, gains control of most of the Mesopotamian valley.  This lasts until about 1700 BC. 
     Abraham moves his family from the city of Ur to the land of Canaan. The Sin-mubalit tablets record the first use of God's name as "Yahwe"

                                       1600 BC: Assyria becomes a dominant world power, and by 1000 BC becomes the 2nd world power.

                                        1346 BC: Moses (Thothmoses is his Egyptian Name) which means, Thoth is the Egyptian God of Knowledge and Moses is the Egyptian word meaning "born of" or "begot from", so his name means born of Thoth or child of Thoth, and leads the Israelites out of Egypt under the guidance of Dagan. Dagan the Sumerian name of the God of the Bible, Jehovah.

                                        1320 BC: Moses takes 40 years in the desert to train his army before the nation of Israel enters the land of Canaan. The army and the nation is fed by Dagan using his chariot of fire to deliver manna to the desert each day.

                                         970 BC: The temple of Solomon is built in Jerusalem

                                         700 BC: Sennacherib, king of Assyria, invades Palestine and destroys the 10 tribes of Israel, he later marches against Jerusalem where he is paid tribute by the King of Judea and leaves to quell a Babylonian revolt. Sennacherib rebuilds the city of Nineveh to make it his capitol.  

                                         615 BC: Babylonia becomes the 3rd. world power. With help from the Medes, Nabopolassar, king of Babylonia, defeats the Assyrians and destroys their capital. Babylons greatest king, Nebuchadnezzar 2nd, the son of Nabopolassar, later defeats Judea and destroys Solomon's Temple in 597 BC  and sends the nation of Israel into banishment and exile. Nebuchadnezzar is considered the greatest military mind of his era.

                                          539 BC: Babylon falls to the Persian Armies of Cyrus the Great. A few years later Cyrus defeats the Egyptians and Persia becomes the 4th World Power.

                                         331 BC: Alexander the Great defeats the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela, and Greece becomes the 5th World Power.

                                         146 BC: After the Romans defeated Carthage early that year, they marched on Corinth and the Achaean league. The city of Corinth was destroyed and plundered ending Greek power. This now made Rome the 6th World Power.

                                            70 AD: The Roman General Titus sacks Jerusalem and destroys Herod's Temple. The Jews are sent into slavery and exile.

     The question is what happened to the 300? How many are still alive today?
How many are left from the original numbers is unknown but a certain number would still be alive today. They would have blended deeply into society to become unobserved and unnoticed. They might live forever but they would not allow themselves to be put in a position to lose an arm or a leg and have to live for several thousands of years with a disability. They would be well protected with layers of safeguards. 

      They have one noticeable difference that sets them apart from other humans. They must continue to visit an Abzu. At least once a week if not more often. The Abzu would be a large open tank of water that would allow body immersion. Nearby this tank would be a mechanical apparatus that would purify the water. This would allow the water to fall onto the subject and into the pool. The apparatus would have a spinning wheel within a wheel of magnetic fields. This Abzu would be hidden and protected. It would be quite possible that more than one of the original 300 would use a single Abzu. If you know of such a location your life might be in danger.

      For the first several thousand years after the arrival of the 300, the earth was governed and administrated by the council. Civilization advanced at a rapid rate under the guidance of the council, but this all changed when Dagan decided to end his relationship with the 300. Dagan's direct seed Sargon now would rule and govern mankind, and begin his military conquest of the Fertile Crescent. This had sent a precedent, which has lasted till now, that man would rule the earth.  

                                                The Gods Will Return

      Mankind's rule of the earth has witnessed almost continual warfare throughout the past centuries, accounting for the suffering and death of millions. Those remaining 300 have been waiting for an opportunity to regain the govern ship of the earth, as mankind has never understood that power and control have certain responsibilities, but when will this occur? The coming of a new age is close at hand, when true peace and happiness can be achieved. 

                                         2240 AD: After 6000 years of Dagan and the wars of man ruling the earth, from 3760 BC to 2240 AD, the rule of the Great Gods begins.      

      This will begin a period of great scientific advancements and far reaching space travel. Mankind knowledge is like the fly trapped in the car. The fly has some knowledge that it exists in the car, but is unable to determine that the car is travelling on a freeway, in North America, that is on a planet that rotates on its axis, revolving around a sun, in a solar system in a galaxy called the Milky Way. Without the advanced knowledge of the gods, man cannot exceed past the window of the car.

      Before this is to happen mankind must be prepared to abolish nationalism, and patriotism with borders, and be prepared to live in the world with one council that rules to protect the earth and all its inhabitants.  All religions and beliefs, including tribal power must be replaced by knowledge that will advance man forward into the great adventure that lays ahead.

      The greatest obstacle for this to occur is Dagan.
Dagan must be destroyed and with it his influence on Man. His destruction must be made public to the world, and how he has deceived the world for so long. With out this public execution the world will continue to hold to its ancient beliefs and religions.
      Dagan's name by many historians is taken from the ancient Hebrew language of the Akkadians, which is wrong, because the Sumerian language has no connection to any known language. Dag in Sumerian means Dwelling or Chamber, and the last symbol  "an" means star,shine or radiate. 
     Dagan name means radiant dwelling or shining chamber.
With the knowledge of Dagan's ego and the meaning of his name, Dagan would definitely be living in the most extravagant home in the land, in accordance to his wealth.
Dagan would be a large man with light Mediterranean complexion, and not very handsome. His eyes, nose and ears would be larger than most, though he probably would have had plastic surgery done to his very pronounced Roman/Jewish nose. His face and head would be covered with thick amounts of body hair, though he may be shaving himself bald to cover-up his appearance.
Dagan would be seen as very intelligent, but sees others in far lesser light. His personality would be classed as a narcissistic sociopath, with little regard to others and their opinions.
       Several noticeable distinguishing features of Dagan would be his knowledge of ancient history, his possible use of ancient Sumerian symbols including the Omega through out his home or business, and his insistence of not traveling too far or too long from home as the Abzu, which would be near his home, is what sustains him. 
       Above all he is dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Dagan has been successfully hiding his identity for centuries. In ancient Egypt there was a powerful and wealthy vizier that gave counsel to Amenhotep 3. His name was Abdiel which in Sumerian means 
"A" means water and "AB" means cosmic water and suggests the purified water from the  ABZU, "DI" means counsel or to give advice pertaining to legal advice, "EL" in Sumerian means pure. Abdiel in Sumerian means "the cosmic water is the giver of pure counsel".
      Only Dagan would have known that..

                                     Related image

     What is interesting about the date; 2240 is that it coincides with a Processional Age. The earth's axis travels through a periodic shift, of 1 degree every 72 years. Therefore each astronomical age  ( each sign of the zodiac is approximately 30 degrees ) is 72 years times 30 degrees which equals 2160 years to complete.

     The earth currently is in the astronomical age of Pisces, which ends in 2240, and the age of Aquarius begins. This may seem just a interesting fact but for a small point of interest.
Aquarius's symbol is a man caring a pitcher of water, and the Symbol for AquariusAquarius.svg..

     The Egyptians used this very same sign for the word "water" in their hieroglyphics, which they got from the Sumerians. The Sumerian symbol for water..a wavy line, had even more significance than just being water. The wavy line symbol for water in Sumerian texts directly referred to the water from the ABZU, which is controlled by Enki. The purified water that gave the renewal of life.

     Is this an indication that with the ending of Dagan's rule of man and wars, there will be an renewal, a rebirth, of a new life for the inhabitants of the earth?