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Time and Space Contraction

                           Time and Space Contraction

     Through out history, man has had theories of his own existence in relation to the Universe. With the spread of Christianity and the Jewish faith after 1 AD, Moses book of Genesis became the only accepted theory of man and his beginning. A simple theory for a simple man. For anyone to question this view often meant they would suffer at the hands of the Inquisition. As man developed an interest in knowledge, he began to question that God created all things. This brought about the theory that God was not behind the handiwork of the Universe and all it complexities, but probability and the Theory of Evolution created all things animate and inanimate. From it's beginnings in 1850 to now, it has become generally accept, though it contradicts the second law of thermal dynamics, or the law of entropy. Many will point to the fact that entropy only applies to a closed system, which is true.

     You only have to look at the four gas giant planets and see that they are in a closed system, and at one time the planets within the asteroid belt , the inner four planets, were also in a closed system, including Earth. Regardless of a closed or open system would the energy from the Sun as in sunlight advance an ape into a man, or a grass into a shrub?   

     Many attempts have been made to connect man with the ape family. Man has 23 pairs of chromosomes while the ape has 24. Cows have 30, horses 32, wheat 21, blue whales 22 and tobacco 24, and none of these species are related to man. If man was to be related to the most intelligent creature on earth, that would be the elephant, the Octopus or the whale family, not a monkey. If each specie was somehow related, would they not be able to reproduce. Different species DNA is so different that this cannot occur. If evolution was correct, would not the DNA allow breeding between species at least occur in one or more cases throughout nature?

     If there is an evolution in animal life, there must also be an evolving of life in the plant kingdom. Grasses become shrubs, shrubs evolve into trees. Blue Green algae, isn't sure what to evolve into so becomes neither. Evolution doesn't stop here. Planets and comets are said to evolve from less structured matter.

     Doesn't this all sound a bit like "high school". If plant and animal species evolve then why do these elemental species exist, and in most cases they exist in greater numbers and are able to survive in more adverse environmental conditions than far more so called advanced species? The truth is, all species (animal and plant) are unique. Completely unique in their own way.

     By the early 1900 man sought a further explanation of the Universe and in 1916 Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity. All these theories have one thing in common. They all start with a big BANG. From a point of total nothing, an absent of time and space, to instantly becoming the Universe, with living plant and animal life, the Big Bang theory has been accepted as scientific fact. With the absence of even time, prior to this big Bang, how did time first begin?

      The underlying truth is that all of mankind's theories and concepts of the Universe and of man's origins are a lie. A lie to distract and keep hidden the greatest secret of the Universe. Just as the ancient Gods in the Book of Enoch, were to withhold knowledge from man, so to today man has been blinded from knowledge and led to believe lies. Lies with some truth that allow his continued search, but in the wrong direction.

     All theories start with the observed view of nature. From this point a model is derived that reflects true nature, then finally a mathematical formula is determined to reflect what actually occurs. Issac Newton's laws of Physics are a perfect example of this. All his formula's can be demonstrated by a model that reflects nature. All except one. That was his formula for gravity. Newton was unable to build a model that would reflect what occurred in space between 2 objects, and how these 2 objects interacted. The other bigger problem with Newton's gravitational equation is that it really only applies to 2 bodies in space and is unable to determine gravity with more than 2 bodies .

     It wasn't until Einstein was able to develop a model to explain how gravity reacted, that science could solve this question.  Did Einstein really solve the problem?

                                                        {Einstein Backwards Blog}

     Einstein's  model can be demonstrated by placing a large heavy ball on a soft covered billiard table. The ball sinks into the table as a star would sink into space. Space is then bent or curved around the star. Now when an approaching smaller planet enters this curved space of the star, it immediately starts to orbit around that star, following the curvature of space, as if space has parameters.

     For any model to be view correct, it must withstand the acid test. The acid test of any model is: Does it reflect observable nature? There is several reasons this model does NOT reflect nature. If Einstein's model is correct then the solar system should be able to be drawn or constructed as in a model to demonstrate his theory of curved space.

1) Our Solar system has 9 planets that orbit the Sun on a flat plane that extends from the equator of the Sun. The planets by and large stay on this plane as they orbit the Sun. If Einstein's model is correct we would observe the planets orbits not on a flat plane, but would follow the curved space of his model. From the outermost planet to the innermost planet we would observe a descending order of planets curving below the Sun's equator. This is Not observed.

     Galaxies orbit their central mass on a perfectly flat plane. As flat as a pancake, showing NO sign of curved space. Andromeda is over 260,000 light years across and still NO sign of curved space. 

2) Einsteins model is far to simple to reflect the complexity of our Universe. For one thing our planets do not rotate around our Sun in a circular orbit, but have elliptical paths. There elliptical orbits follow a path a German Physicist formulated over 200 hundred years ago. The planets accelerate as they approach the Perigee. The area covered over time is the same throughout the orbit as in the conservation angular motion. How can you draw Einstein's model of curved space using elliptical orbits?

3) The next problem with his model is not all comets, asteroids and even planets (Pluto) follow similar orbits on a plane from the Sun's equator. Some asteroids, comets follow orbits that are almost perpendicular to the solar orbital plane. How are these orbits depicted and drawn in Einstein's model?

4) Einstein's supporters point to an experiment of light passing a distant star, that was bent by this star's curved space. The Sun/star does distort space, but is Einstein's curved space theory the reason? If light entered this stars curved space why didn't it orbit that star, as Einstein's model would suggest, and never reach earth? The real problem with this so called validation of his theory that if light has mass, and if so would not the light speed up and do NOT (appear) to slow down as their orbits approach the star, as does the planets, as the law of conservation of angular motion dictates.

     All these theories are wonderful talking points and are great mental exercises, but none of them reflect the Universe. In fact everything we know or understand about the universe is a  lie. The real secret of the Universe has long been hidden from mankind. An example in nature is an ant pile. As a kid I was always interested in watching these ants, work and build. In the middle of a grass prairie they have little concern to anyone, but as homes are built and advance into native grasses they are seen as a mild annoyance,but one day that ant pile is now fire ants. Now they are a threat to society and to the order of things. The same is true with mankind today. As long as man believes that Newton physics of force and mass, (F=MA) will launch him into outer space, or Einstein physics that the force becomes exponential as the speed is increased, then man is no threat.  Man is merely an ant. That all changes when man discovers the greatest secret of the Universe. The science of space contraction. Now man has become "god" and is a threat like the fire ant.

      What is needed is a formula that can be explained by a model, that properly reflect nature. A formula not only has to observe nature, but has to aid in the construction of a workable model. For the Universe to exist forever, as it has, it must be able to conserve time.This is it's secret. The conservation of time. The earth also once had this ability. This was accomplished by spinning it's large magnetic field through a diamagnetic liquid, water and water vapour, in it's outer atmosphere. Just as light passes near the Sun, light appears to slow,but in reality time is slowing. This slowing of time is continuous, but almost impossible to measure.
Question: What would explain mankind once living far longer, prior to the great flood than today, as the ancient Sumerian text, and Bible verses have recorded? Does this explain that the earth at one time was able to conserve time therefore allowing man to live longer? Could this be explained mathematically? Why does man only live some 70 years? What causes ageing or more importantly what slows ageing?

C  s.g  X  r
      _______     = delta time
       d.v. X  RS

C  Constant for magnetic field rotational value   .734 for the earth
s.g. specific gravity....                                       1.3   for the earth prior to the great flood.
r     radius .......                                                 6.37  X 10 6th metres... earth's average 
d.v. diamagnetic value.....                                  1 ... for the earth's outer atmosphere of water
R.S. rotational speed.....                                    25.75 X 10 6th metres / day... earth's average surface speed.

Here is a question.   How long would man live if he existed before the great flood? Could it be possible mathematically to prove that man would live longer in conditions prior to the flood? 

     C 1.3  X 6.37  X 10 6th metres
           ______________________       =    .236 day

          1  X 25.75 X 10 6th metres / day

     One rotation of the earth prior to the great flood would be .236 day in man's life, compared to today. 
If a man's average life is 75 years today, then man could expect to live 318 years prior to the flood. 

     The diamagnetic values relate to an object's ability to reflect a magnetic field. With water having a diamagnetic value of 1, the highest known substance on earth is Bismuth with value close to 17, the next being Mercury. The ancients mined Bismuth in the mountains of Persia, and these mines can still be found today. The purpose of mining Bismuth was for the construction of their Chariot's of the Gods.

 Order of Magnitude of diamagnetic natural occurring materials.

Bismuth ..........16.6
Mercury ......... 3
Lead ................1.8

         Construction of a working model to slow time

      In the stele of Naram-Sin, (below) the wheels within a wheel can be clearly seen extending outside of the relief. Each wheel has eight spokes.  In Ezekiel vision of the "chariot of the god", he also saw these eight spoked wheels within a wheel, that gave the chariot it's motion.

      The real question is what are these wheels made of, that would give the chariot it's ability to levitate? Could  Ezekiel helps us answer that question? In Ezekiel 1:16, it states the wheels have a colour of Chrysolite, or Beryl/Tarshish.
 "The appearance of the awheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel."
       These were semi-precious, stones that Ezekiel would have been familiar with, because they were mined in southern Egypt from ancient times. What is important to determine the metal used in the wheels is their colour. Their colour will point  to the metal used in their construction. Chrysolite and Beryl pictured below is a blue/green or aquamarine colour.

File:Bismuth crystal artificial.jpg

      By comparing the colour of Chrysolite, which Ezekiel was describing as the composition of the Chariots' wheels to the metal Bismuth, seen above, the similarity can be seen. A metal is needed to construct these wheels, and Bismuth was a metal mined by the ancients.

     The ancients mined very few metals, which all were mined in Persia and smelted in Sumeria using oil products of the lower Mesopotamia. These metals included gold ,copper and silver , but none of these have the colour described by Ezekiel. Only Bismuth has this colour, which was also mined by the ancient.

      Ancient mines in Persia contained Bismuth, which is a heavy metal, and easily smelted. The early Inca's also mined Bismuth and used it in their bronze alloys. There is one downside to Bismuth and that it is somewhat brittle. This would lead me to believe that the eight spokes are solid Bismuth, and the bulbs at the end of the spokes are hollow.

      Notice in the relief at the end of each of the eight spokes are bulbs.  The only reason for having bulbs at the ends of the spokes, would be that they were hollow. Now what would be in these bulb ends is a matter of conjecture?

         To the east of Sumeria is India, where ancient Sanskrit writings, tells of flying vehicles, that were used by their Gods. These texts give a somewhat fanciful descriptions of these bell shaped vehicles, but the element Mercury is mentioned, as an operational part of their construction.

     The Sons of Anu discovered this secret, the greatest secret of the Universe, and they modeled their "chariots of the gods" after this fact. The outer four planets with their S.G.(specific gravity) of 1.3, spin their magnetic fields through a diamagentic liquid, which in the cause of the earth's outer atmosphere, is water and water vapour. This allows the earth to contract time and space.The Sons of the Anu copied this fact, and rotated a magnetic field through 2 very strong diamagnetic metals Bismuth and Mercury. Bismuth and water have two of the most unusual properties known, both are diamagnetic and both as a liquid are heavier than as a solid and both are used to contract space and conserve time. Is this the reason these ancient Gods lived for such long periods? In the tale of Gilgamesh it reads;

What you seek you shall never find.
For when the Gods made man 
they kept immortality for themselves.
Fill your belly.
Day and night make merry.
Let your days be full of joy.
Love the child who holds your hand.
Let your wife delight in your embrace.
For these alone are the concerns of man.

Could mankind using the secret of the Universe,become like the ancient Gods of old, and live longer?

 The result is space contraction, and the slowing of time. This is produced by the motion of the chariots wheels made up of diamagnetic metal spinning through a magnetic field.
For further reading;
                                   {Pulsars; The Universe's Most Powerful Object -BLOG}
Extreme Caution

Mercury is diamagnetic and when in the presence of a strong spinning magnetic field it will atomize into vapour. This vapour is extremely hazardous to your health. Caution cannot be overly emphasized that these experiments cannot be done near a residence, but must be in a well ventilated lab.

Points to consider;
1)The specific gravity as close to 1.3 must be adhered to. 
2)The cables from the chariots of the gods to the omega symbol are NOT  cables, but if you observe closely they are the same crooked lines indicting water.
3)The chariot of the gods are not producing water, but transitioning water to be used in the Abzu.
4) This complete immersion of the body is what extends ones life.

Ancient Annunaki Tree of Life - The Sumerian Gods the Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki

Notice the Great God of the Sumerians who is caring a water can from the Tree of Life in the relief above. Many previously have seen this as an action of the ancient Gods of bringing water to the Tree of Life or watering the tree. Is this true?
Remember the Tree of life is symbolic, and represents the extension of life.
The Great Gods are taking water away from the symbol of life. Water after it has been transformed. This is the water of life, as the Sumerian word for water means.
This water is extremely important to extending their lives and the continued use of the Abzu.

The wavy lines represent water in Sumerian drawings, and it's this water that has been transformed by the chariot of the Gods and is about to be extracted by the figure on the left..This is the water that these Great Gods immersed themselves in the Abzu and extend their lives...This is what is represented by the Tree of life..
The water after being transformed....and now gives life.

Einki seen climbing the Ziggurat to the right of the Abzu is shown with wavy lines representing his ability to control the water of the Abzu, while the God with the wings just above the Abzu, Ishtar, is seen pouring this transformed water on the occupant of the Abzu.

This transformation state that is occurring, is what is referred to as the Abzu, not the location of the Abzu itself.

Good Life and see you in the next millennium.

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Kronos the Beginning

     Man's first thought, after looking up at the heavens, was what am I and what am I looking at? These 2 questions have prevailed in man's thinking and have motivated man in his quest for knowledge. The first question to analyse is our solar system, it's mechanics and it's purpose.

     The early Sumerians knew of seven planets, which they drew in their reliefs. These were from Mercury to Saturn, but today we observe only six. How is it then that the Sumerians were able to see a seventh planet which they named Nibiru? They were able to describe it in infinite detail; it's colour, it's location in the night sky, and even when the planet could be best viewed. For what reason would an ancient people lie about giving so much detail about the existence of a seventh planet?

     The location of planets throughout the solar system follows a law of physics. This law is called Bode's Law. This law simply states by mathematical formula the location of where planets should exist, in their orbits around the sun. This law gives rise to the fact that the existing asteroid belt, which orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter, was once a planet. This planet existed prior to the asteroids and was visible by the early Sumerians. The Sumerian earliest known calendar dates back to 10,860 B.C. as indicated by their earliest Zodiac sign, so that would mean that ancient man, observed this seventh planet, since 10,860 B.C. (Age of Aquarius blog) This planet for reasons unclear, exploded into the asteroid belt.

     By simple observation the solar system has several note worthy distinctions

     1st The inner four planets, (Mercury to Mars) are distinctly different than the outer four planets (Jupiter to Neptune). These two grouping of 4 planets are separated by the asteroid belt.

     2nd The inner four planets have thin atmospheres, if any at all, while the outer four have a very thick, heavy and almost liquid atmosphere that travel at a very high speed of rotation.

     3rd The inner planets have very high specific gravity numbers, while the outer four have very low s.g. numbers, closer to 1. In fact Saturn's specific gravity is less than 1, which would mean Saturn could actually float on water. The average specific gravity of the outer four planet, (including the Sun) is about 1.3.