Thursday, 22 February 2018

Time Space Equation with Two Unknowns

Time space equation with two unknowns

     Light is an electromagnetic wave, that can be represented by an oscillating electric field plus an oscillating magnetic field.
You can represent  a time difference  between light travelling in free space and light travelling near the sun by a phase difference.
The resulting math is finding an expression for the time difference and the phase difference.

This leaves two unknowns

One being the frequency of light as it passes near the sun. In most cases radio waves are used but radio waves have a very broad spectrum. So a definite frequency would be needed.

The other is the Greek letter phi

This letter is a function of several magnitudes.

The strength of the Sun's magnetic field
The strength of the Sun's perpendicular field {related to the sun's spots around the equator}
The rotational speed of the sun's magnetic field as it passes through the cornea.
The Sun's radius to the cornea
The Sun's specific gravity

The question being; why the concern over reproducing the Sun's ability to slow time.?
For man to become God
To have the ability to extend your life by slowing time.
To become the Omega